Join us for a weekend of worship, learning, missionary coaching, and much more at the Tampa Convention Center.


All of the seminars correspond with the main session theme. To help you identify each specific subtopic, follow the color code below.

To Intercede 

A Commitment to a Life of Prayer and Advocacy

To Act Justly

A Commitment to Faithful Action

To Proclaim the Good News

A Commitment to Declare Jesus is Lord


Marriage and Family as Transformative Archetypes

Demetrius and Nina Cherry

The Supernatural Effect of Prayer
Keisha Polonio and Stephanie O'Brien


Transformation Through Perseverance
Nancy Hernandez and Melyssa Cordero


Transforming Neighborhoods Thru Incarnational Intercession
Jeremy Stephens and Dan Chappell


The Place of Protest in the Christian Life
Lisa Sharon Harper


Compassion As The Embodiment of Justice
Julie Wood and Jon Dengler

Suffering, Sacrifice and The Glory of God
Stuart Greaves


Witness In The Workplace: How To Preach In Tight Spaces
Darryl Williamsons

Healing and Wholeness As Mission
George Wood

Digital Proclamation, Prophecy, Civility In The New Public Discourse
Lucas Pulley and Leann Theivagt

The Beloved Community: A Living Alternative
Michael Frost


Speaking Truth to Power: A Guide To Prophetic Ministry In Our Time
Brad Everett and Melyssa Cordero


Preaching The Gospel With Our Families

Hugh Halter

A New Kind Of Church: Designing a Church that Reflects the Kingdom
Brian Sanders

Underground Open