Classes & Studios

ART Classes

Creativity begets creativity. It is not uncommon for artists of one discipline to learn a new discipline as a way of awakening fresh insights and inspiration for their primary work. In that same spirit, we want to offer you a chance to experience something new, to take a risk and be creative in a way that might be fresh for you.

  •  Beginner Visual Art / Painting

  • Beginner Bachata Dancing

  • Beginner Improv 

  • Beginner Poetry 

  • Beginner Songwriting 

Mission Studios


If mission is art then we will need to go into the studio and do the work. There are beautiful solutions to our biggest missional problems that we have simply not yet discovered. These studio sessions are meant to join people who are about a common mission context or problem, to come together to work toward creative, communal and supernatural solutions. These Studio sessions will involve facilitated discussion and creativity ideation.

  • Mission ideas for kids and families                                        

  • Mission ideas for the marginalized                                       

  • Mission ideas for justice

  • Mission ideas for neighborhoods

  • Mission ideas for the workplace

  • Mission ideas for creatives

  • Mission ideas for third spaces  

Underground Open